1. Eye Shadow


As crazy as it sounds, adding color to your hair using eye shadow actually works! This is another great non-permanent hair color option for people with dark hair. It basically works on all hair types and colors; you just need a bit of practice though. Ladies, best part it is completely safe too! Though the downside of this is that the shadow comes off very easily, it’s like literally every time you touch your hair you will feel the color brushing off. But still it is worth a shot and maybe it was my hair texture and you will get better results.

How to:

  • It is better to work in small sections of your hair, spray a strand of your hair with water.
  • Rub a very tiny dot of conditioner on this strand
  • Either you can scoop out the eye shadow of your choice and crush it, or if you are using individual shadows there is no need for this
  • Hold your hair strand between the eye shadow and your thumb and lightly slight it down while gently pressing
  • Repeat this a couple of times, till you get the color of desired vibrancy
  • Seal it with a hairspray
  • You might want to cover the remaining of your hair with a paper towel as you let the eye shadow dry
  • You can also use a hairdryer to quicken the process
  • In the end, spray some more hairspray to seal all the color.

2. Colored Mascaras


Colored mascaras are also used very commonly and have been around for quite some time. You will find them at most cosmetic store and these are available in a variety of colors. You can find colored mascaras from neon funky shades to metallic or glittery ones. This is a great quick one time dyeing technique. The good side is that the color doesn’t fade or come off till you wash your hair. The downside, as these come in small mascara like tubes with wands it can be very time consuming if you have long hair. It’s a good choice for adding a few streaks though.

How To:

  • Simply pull the product out of the tube from the wand and coat your hair like you do with your lashes
  • You can use the wand for the tips of your hair or for streaking
  • It is a great product for touch ups and covering grays
  • If you have dark hair and want to add light pastel streaks you should coat your hair with white mascara first, let it dry then coat with the color of your choice
  • This leaves hair a little stiff, once it dries.

3. Food Coloring


Do I see some raised eyebrows there? Well this is another way to temporary color your hair which is pure love! If it is safe enough to consume, it is safe enough to color your hair with as well. It can last up to three months depending upon your hair off course. The hues might stay in longer for blondes than for brunettes. It is an amazing way to add a hint of color to dark hair. Keeping in mind that everyone’s hair is different the results might vary, but this is one of the safest hair dyeing methods, so totally worth a shot

How to:

  • Pour your desired food color into a bowl
  • You can dip your hair in it for about 10 minutes and let it air dry or if you want streaks or a hint of color, using a tooth brush or a hair coloring brush, brush it through your hair
  • Blow dry you hair afterwards
  • Do not wash your hair for at least twenty four hours
  • You can find food color in a number of colors but if you are trying to figure out how to make brown food coloring, simply mix equal parts of red and yellow food color or for purple food coloring mix 3 parts of red color with 1 part of blue and so on. Obviously if you aren’t a color expert it might take a few attempts to get the color right, but ladies this isn’t rocket science and much more easier than it sounds.

Few More Helpful Tips

We have given you 3 temporary ways to color your hair. These are worth a shot because none of these will leave your hair damaged or leave you with some irreversible drastic changes which you might regret. Here are just a few more things to remember:

  • These methods are messy, therefore it is a good idea to drape a towel around your shoulders and wear an old T-shirt and have some gloves handy
  • As these are natural methods unlike the permanent dyes, don’t use a shampoo for at least 24 hours when using any of these methods so the color gets sealed onto your hair shaft
  • It is a good idea to invest in a shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair when using some of these methods such as semi-permanent dye, it will make the color last longer and also add to its vibrancy
  • Whenever using any of the one-time coloring methods always follow up with some deep conditioning or a hair mask.