How interesting it would be if you can don a different look every day? From straight & flowing hairs one day to wavy, bouncy curls the next. Yes, it is possible and that too without visiting a high-end salon and spending a great amount of money. All you need is a right stylist and some professional tips to get going.


You must be thinking that it takes a lot of effort to create a different hairstyle every day. To your surprise, Philips has brought its easy natural styler to make it seem like a cake walk. There are some ground rules that need to be followed on any kind of hairs for achieving stunning results. Top on that list is picking the right kind of appliance followed by pre-style care and then using the correct technique.

Picking the Right Appliance

For attaining breath-taking looks that can make you the center of attention anywhere you go, it is essential to pick the appliance that does the work without causing damage. Philips easy natural styler is one appliance that takes complete care of your hair while styling it to perfection. It is crafted keeping in mind the health of your hairs. Its heat-safe design protects your locks from getting burnt or damaged whereas the 200 degree temperature provides professional touch on both thick and thin hairs. To nurture your tresses, this appliance also comes with ceramic coating on its plates along with a unique tulip-shape front that makes curling as easy as it can ever get.

Pre-Styling Hair Care

Generally, the most important step in the styling process is forgotten by most people. It is the pre-styling hair care that ensures smooth and clear locks. There are certain steps that need to be followed before straightening or curling the hairs.

  • Heat the Styling Iron Properly: It is essential to acquire a perfect temperature for getting the styling done. Over-heat can damage your hair whereas low temperature may not render good results. Like Philips easy natural styler, the temperature of the straightening/curling rod must be around 200 degrees. It helps you to attain salon-like results at home.
  • Brush your Hair Thoroughly: Make sure that your brush your hair properly before turning them into beautiful curls. If there would be tangles, curls won’t come out well leaving you rather disappointed.
  • Apply a Heat Protectant: To form a buffer between your tresses and the styling iron, you can spray some heat protectant on the dry hair. Philips easy natural curler is equipped with ceramic coating on its plates which more or less makes the application of protectant redundant. But, you can still opt for it if you desire.
  • Separate your Hair into Sections: After detangling your hairs, separate them into sections. This makes it easier to give them a particular style. If you want center partition, do it before hand and if you want side-dangles, separate it before using the styling iron.

Quick & Easy Style Techniques

  • Effortless Waves: If you have to go out for a party or a movie, a quick loose wavy look would do the trick for the occasion. Simply tie a very high pony tail, curl the pony using Philips easy natural styler and open your hair. Shake it a bit and you are good to go!
  • Sleek & Straight Hair: It is easy to acquire straight hairs that shine & flow smoothly across your shoulder. Pick the Philips easy natural styler and let it heat up to 200 degree temperature. Make sure your hairs are completely dry. Separate them into different sections. Then, put a few strands inside the styler and press it down flat in vertical direction. Repeat the process till all the hairs are done.
  • Cool Crimps: Crimping is a classic hair style that lets you look chic. To create crimps, begin with straight hair. If you have wavy locks, straighten them up using the Philips easy natural styler first. Then, take one-inch section of your hair and position the styling iron at the root. Start twisting the Philips styler back & forth slowly as you glide down to the end. Repeat until all the strands are crimped.

So now be your own Hair Stylist….