Hijab and abaya are two factors that add beauty and elegance in females. It was an Arabian trend which now has spread all over the world. Abaya is a long gown type dress which covers the whole body from shoulders to ankles. Hijab is used to cover the head. Female worldwide prefer to wear abaya outside their home to make them covered. Hijab along with abaya is a complete Arabian dress code. It is a piece of cloth which is wrapped around the head and neck to cover it throughout. As abaya has become one of the essential parts of women dressing, those who prefer it, several new styles have been introduced up till now in abaya.

Recently, designers worldwide have launched latest Hijab & Abaya collection for 2015. It was observed in past that that abaya were made only in black color. It was embellished with black or silver embroidery. Big black buttons were used in front of the abaya. However, new collection of today consists of colorful abaya with innovative styles and beautiful folds. Some heavy worked abaya are also available. Cuffs and necklines of abaya are embellished with beautiful embroidery work. Use of copper color, silver and gold thread work has been observers in these new collections of abaya and Hijab. Designers have forked over this beautiful collection of Hijab and abaya enhancing the beauty of females further.


Abaya and Hijab is a pure Arabian dress which now has become a trend in Muslim countries. Muslim women prefer to wear abaya on their casual clothes. They can wear any type of dress inside because abaya and Hijab covers their whole body. Being easy and comfortable, abaya has become famous worldwide in the Muslim countries. Taking advantage of this factor many designers have showed their talent in this field of dress designing. They have designed very innovative styles of abaya to make this collection more versatile for women. Different scarves and Hijab are designed along with abaya to make it a complete dress. To make this combination designers design same embroidery or bead work on abaya and Hijab. Recent trends includes a stretchable cap that cover the head, is also included in the abaya dress.


Women like to wear abaya mostly with churidar trousers or jeans. It looks pretty good and elegant. Abaya designed for different seasons consists of different fabrics. As in winters it is made of thick material fabric which is soft, comfortable and warm for winters. No need to wear sweaters or jerseys on abaya is there. 2015 Abaya collection consists of colors in addition to black. These colors include pink, black, white, green, blue, brown, yellow etc. Fancy multicolored buttons and motifs have been used in recent collection to make abaya and Hijab look more attractive and innovative. Modernizing the trend of Hijab and Abaya designers have contributed a lot in this new season abaya collection 2015 for women. Just have a look on the picture being displayed for your convenience. Women look more attractive and beautiful in covered dresses; therefore try out this trend with a modern touch.