When talk of beauty tips, there are for about thousand facial creams and hair treatment products so beautifully packed and marketed that one is prompted to buy immediately. But the results are mostly not up to the mark.

And if the results are good, such cosmetics are not recommended for long term use. Reason is the use of several chemicals used in their preparation.

On the contrary, homemade beauty tips and remedies for skin and hair can be implemented for as long a period as you want. Homemade beauty tips are free from harmful chemicals hence can be applied without fear of any side effects.

Following are some handpicked pocket friendly homemade beauty tips on a budget which are sure to leave your skin glowing and hair shining.

Homemade Beauty Tips On Hair Repair

Hair damage is a very common problem. There are several homemade remedies for hair conditioning, but the one discussed here is among the homemade beauty tips on a budget that are sure to bear fruit.


The recipe includes very simple ingredients that are cost efficient as well as readily available from your kitchen. All you need is half a cup of yogurt, a spoonful of sugar, one egg yolk, a spoonful of mustard oil and two big spoons of henna powder.

Stir the ingredients well till a smooth and homogeneous paste is formed. Apply this herbal hair mask from roots till the ends of your hair and leave for half an hour. You can now shampoo your hair. You would definitely be astonished to get shiny, silky and straight hair with completely a dandruff free scalp. This hair mask should be applied twice a week for long lasting results.

Anti Aging Homemade Beauty Tips


There are a few facial masks that help tightening up the skin and keeping it firm and smooth. Such masks are among the homemade beauty tips on a budget so you don’t have to worry about the price. Also they are harmless so you can keep using them without much thinking.

Glycerin and Rosewater Moisturizer


Glycerin when mixed with an equal amount of rosewater, gives an ultimate and skin friendly moisturizer which suits all skin types. This formula is the most effective and cost efficient when talk of homemade beauty tips on a budget.

All dermatologists endorse this simple and easy to make moisturizer. It helps maintaining the natural skin moisture, keeping it soft, smooth and younger looking. If applied with consistency, this homemade moisturizer can give even better results than the most expensive cosmetic moisturizers usually available in the market.

Another advantage of using these homemade beauty tips on a budget is that they are perfume free, which helps preventing several allergies.